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Image Of A Ghost Seen Beside The Corpse Of A Man Involved In An Accident [Photos Dey OO]

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A man shared frightening photos showing the moment an 'image' of a lady appeared beside the corpse of a man knocked down by a car in Enugu.

Ifeanyi Don C who shared the photos captioned it:

"this young man had an accident along besalla road in Enugu State. the road that leads to Government House Enugu. he was knocked down by A 4matic Mercedes car as he was trying to cross to the other side of the road. Many people gathered at the scene. As i came there to see him, i quietly took these three pics and later left. i got to a point and decided to check the pics, believe me, i beheld an image on the picture. it was a woman's image. please take a close look at the first pics you will see the image i am talking about. it snot a joke! wonders shall never end. brother RIP."

A man knocked down by a car in Enugu State

A man knocked down by a car in Enugu State

However, Nicholas D Ajayi another user doubt the possibility of such thing saying:

"I just checked my phone google store and discover it's a predetermine attempt to mislead the people and gain cheap popularity. This is shameful young man. We are all season out of time, you need to be cultured how to respect the value of life. Am disappointed!"

Jean Hair added in disagreement:

"So the ghost now na oyinbo ghost with 24 inches Brazilian hair, that was visible in the first pix and disappeared in the 2nd and 3rd pix, you are a big headed olodo."

But, another Facebook user, Frances Aijay Nwanne corroborated Don C's story writing:

"I witnessed it such a pity the poor guy was crossing the road wen BMWfrom the other lane on a high speed jumped it's lane to the other lane hitting the guy and the Mercedes 4matic.. Rip."

No one is yet to say if the photos are real or provided the app Ifeanyi Don C must have used to edit the photos.

A man knocked down by a car in Enugu State

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