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[Photos] Most Dangerous Recreational Activity; Spain’s Popular Bull Run Festival

A man tossed by a bull in the Spain Popular Bull Run Festival
The tradition of bull running is connected to Spain’s tradition bull fighting.The festival has religious origins, dating back to the Middle Ages.

Thousands of tourists normally flock from all over the world to take part in San Fermin's most famous festival where a dozen bulls chase hundreds of people dressed in white with red neckerchiefs through the streets of Pamplona in northern Spain.

A man in white chased by a wild bull

Revelers in an open arena numbering more than hundreds or as many that have the courage enter into an arena full of wild cows with dangerously looking horns. They are chased around by the cows while they either dodge or run for their lives.

A man tossed by a wild bull in Spains popular bull run festival

Many get injured and survive while some may not be that lucky. In the picture below is an injured man taken on a stretcher during the running of the bulls. Another is tossed by a wild cow following the third running of the bulls at the San Fermin festival.

an injured man taken on a stretcher during the running of the bulls.

The runs start with the release of a rocket, after which the bulls are released onto the streets, and the ‘mozos’ or runners start running.

The route is clearly marked by barricades that keep the animals from escaping into other parts of the city.

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