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Couple Paraded Stark N*ked in Public After Being Caught Having S*x Inside the Sea [Photos]

Naked man and woman coming out from the sea
Photos have shown the shocking moment two British tourists were frogmarched n*ked along a Thai beach and arrested – after being accused of having s*x in the sea.
According to The Sun UK, the couple were spotted together in chest-high water in front of beachgoers on Sunday morning at 2.30am in Pattaya, Thailand.

Shocked onlookers sitting just yards reported to police the pair were having s*x and officers arrived and forced the pair to get out of the water.

Footage shows the drunk couple stumbling along the sand and falling back into the ocean as two unimpressed officers with torches look on.

The naked man – a 26-year-old from London – and the unnamed woman in just a bra were eventually made to get dressed and pack away their beach hammock.

The woman can be heard protesting in English: “We’re not going to the police station, we’re going this way, yeah.”

Naked man and woman paraded on the street by the police

But officers walked them the 300 yards to Pattaya City Police Station where they were charged with public indecency and each fined 1000 Thai baht, around £20.

They were later released after they had apologised and sobered up.

Lt. Col. Sombat Kaewmuang, Deputy Inspector of Investigations, said:

“Police received a report at 2.30am on July 23 that one male and one female tourist were naked together on Pattaya beach. Reports were they were having sex.

“Both Thai and foreign tourists had gathered around them. Police checked and both the man and woman were intoxicated.

“They walked naked out of the sea and staff made them wear clothes.  “Reports were that they were having sex but they both denied this and it is not possible to prove it.

“They were both naked in the sea playing together and they guilty of  breaking Thailand’s law on indecent conduct in public, obscenity and drunken behaviour.

‘’They were both British.They were detained and interrogated and both were fined. They have apologised.”

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