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Pandemonium As Corpse Refuses Being Buried, Lead Villagers To Its Killer's House

Zambian undertakers carrying a coffin
There was what seemed to be a drama of the century in a small Zambian village as a corpse in a coffin refused to be buried until it led villagers and it's undertakers to the house of an old man that killed it.

An official with the Zambia Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hagra Tembo, shared the video on his Facebook wall.

Tembo wrote: “A body refused to be buried until it took villagers to a house where the person behind the death of the deceased resides.”

In the video, many villagers took different locations and angles from which they can capture the once-in-a-lifetime event, all surprised and the women shouting. The villagers were absolutely puzzled and shocked when undertakers were being controlled by the corpse who turned them round until it led them to its killer’s house.

Watch video here…


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    1. If this one dey happen for we country eeh, e don finish!


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