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Angry Mourners Beat Up Corpse After They Discovered The Mortician Gave Them The Wrong Cadaver

Angry Mourners Beat Up Corpse After They Discovered The Mortician Gave Them The Wrong Cadaver
Credit: SDE
The body of a dead man was thoroughly caned, abused and kicked last week before a ritual that lasted several hours was done, after a family mistook it for one of their dead kin.

SDE reported that the family of the deceased in Masat East, Ugenya, Kenya had prepared everything for the burial in readiness to give the old man a decent send-off.

But there was pandemonium when they discovered that the body the morticians had given them was not that of the late 70-year-old man they were supposed to bury that day.

Drama started stirring up after a mortician contacted one of those who came to the morgue to collect the body apologising before breaking the sad news about that they had taken the wrong body, which had to be returned immediately.

This caused panic among the mourners when rumour spread that the body was not that of their kin.

Concerned elders informed them that some rites had to be performed before giving back the body immediately it was confirmed that indeed they had the wrong corpse.

The enraged mourners didn’t waste time, they opened the casket, and descended on the corpse with kicks, blows and hurled obscenities on it.

The action in line with the Luo traditions they said is to ward off evil spirits, calling the incident an abomination that could bring along evil spirits; misfortune that was likely to haunt them if rituals were performed.

Seconds after the ‘cleansing’ ritual, a group of angry men and women stormed the home accusing them of stealing the corpse of their relative.

Elderly mourners intervened and requested the charged younger men and women to calm down so that they solve the matter amicably.

The two families then agreed to carry the body back to the mortuary to find out from the morticians what led to the mix-up.

At the mortuary, the two enraged families engaged the mortuary attendants in a heated exchange, some wailing uncontrollably and blaming the misfortune on perceived family enemies.

The attendants later owned up and explained the mix-up, and how they had released the body of another 65-year-old man sub location instead.

After negotiations, the two families opened the casket carrying the remains of the other man and were perplexed to find out that the body was not their man’s.

However, the family of the deceased from Ugenya felt relieved after finding the remains of their kin.

The family surrendered the other corpse to the mortuary attendants and sped off to Uhumwa village in a pick-up with the right body.

The other family was left at the morgue wailing and cursing as morticians prepared the beaten-up body.

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