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Advise Your Congregation To Begin Utilizing Condoms – Nigerian Federal Government Tells Religious Pioneers

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The National Population Commission (NPC); has called on religious pioneers to begin empowering their congregation on the significance controlled child birth.

The commission asked them to urge their followers to begin utilizing female contraceptives and condoms.

The NPC Chairman, Eze Duruiheoma (SAN), said this at an occasion held in recognition of the 2017 World Population Day in Abuja.

He distinguished the way of life of having large families as one of the greatest reasons for poverty in Nigeria.

Duruiheoma stated, "Having an expansive number  of children who are most certainly not provided food for in light of the fact that the moms are denied access to family planning administrations is neither in the short nor long haul of any enthusiasm to any community.

'Widespread access to intentional family planning can decrease maternal deaths by three and kid deaths by as much as 20 percent."

As indicated by him, "contraceptives given by the United Nations Populace Fund (UNPF) to Nigeria can possibly avert 11.7 million unintended pregnancies while just about 3.7 million abortions were averted.

The NPC supervisor noticed that the family arranging administrations additionally made a difference to avert 29,000 maternal deaths in Nigeria.

Duruiheoma focused on that utilization of condoms additionally helped in keeping in chec the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted contaminations.

He bemoaned that the imperviousness to family planning was profoundly established in social biases and wrong translation of religious orders.

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