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9-Year-Old Amputee Earns Black Belt in Taekwondo

2 photos of a 9-Year-Old Amputee on a tree and standing near his taekwondo award gallery
Toby King, a 9-year-old boy born with a bone deformity, had his leg amputated at just 10 months old.

But it didn't hinder him from reaching a martial arts milestone, despite having one leg, he rose to the rank of black belt, in just three years!

Toby achieved a black belt last month after beginning taekwondo classes nearly three years ago.

“It was very rewarding because it was something that we never dreamed would happen,” Kaley King, Toby's mom, told

“We always wanted to treat him no different than any other kid, but knew he had challenges and obstacles to  come.”

Toby, didn't give in to his condition. When he started taekwondo, King said Toby was determined to achieve its highest distinction.

Toby first become saw a friend doing taekwondo at a birthday, got excited and was ready to try. King put him in a trial class for two weeks and the 9-year-old stuck with it.

“He knew from day one he was going to make it to black belt,”King said.

“Throughout all the ups and downs, we kept our eye on the goal.”

King said that she and Toby's father, Ron, haven't ever make his condition an issue throughout his life, but have always taught that he could do anything he sought to accomplish.

“We never told him he couldn’t do something," King said.

"We just had to figure out a different way to do something, that’s all, but that everything can be done."

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