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What If Men Got Pregnant?

pregnant white man with a lady
With regards to bowing sexual orientation generalizations, seahorses and their relatives would need to be one of  the most outrageous illustrations. These fishes swap the customary parts of mums and fathers as they are the just creatures where the guys get pregnant.

Despite the fact that fish don't have the outer genitalia that we ordinarily connect with guys and females, they have been recognized by underwater biology scientists. That is on the grounds that they order creature genders as per the extent of the gametes (sex cells) they create.

Guys deliver the sperm (the littlest gametes) and females deliver the eggs (the greatest gametes). Yet, in seahorses, the sperm-makers are additionally the ones that get pregnant.

The female exchanges her eggs to the male's stomach pocket, made of adjusted skin. The male discharges sperm to fertilize the eggs as they enter, before brooding them for 24 days until they are delivered.

Okay! Let's put an end to the seahorse dad knowledge which I think is a general one and talk about the one we have as the title.

There are three categories of reactions men would give this idea, just like facebook provided us with: the thumbs-up reaction (like), the love reaction (heart), the sad one (crying), the reaction that is laughing out loud (haha), the red head reaction (angry) not minding that facebook has introduced extra reactions to celebrate occasions like the 'thankful' reaction during mother's day celebration and the 'pride' reaction during 'lifestyle' celebration.

In this case its basically three reactions and nothing more. Some men will say, 'bring it on' and some will be like 'what the ef?!' while some will be like 'yes, but on these conditions'.

Allow me to break the above three points down so that you leave in the comment box your category, unless you will be like facebook’s come-and-go reactions, then you comment your own category and what you will do or say.

Firstly, the 'bring it on' men are the 'what women can do, men can do better' men. This set of men believe that since men can get themselves pot bellies, that YES they can.

When you ask them, 'what if men got pregnant?'... hold on. Let me answer this using a conversation with their wives. They'll say to their girlfriend or wife: "When God gave friends, he tried to be fair; when I got u, I got more than my share, you do not deserve the stress, give me your pregnancy". It's all fine with them. They have the that mentality of IF men ever start getting pregnant for their wives or girlfriends like seahorses, it's ok with us, we can handle it.

The 'what the ef?!' men. You don't want to hear about this set of men, believe me. These guys are the tough ones, the never-say-yes guys. The 'what-the-ef' men would cut all answers short and say NO! We can't f*****kn' get pregnant, what about the ladies?

They should get on with their duty, it's nature that made it that way not my grandfather. It may actually not be right to say that they are the religious ones or the ones that are afraid to get pregnant, they simply believe in the saying that you do your work and I do mine. Women do the carrying let us be the depositors. These men even at gunpoint, I mean sniper-headshot gunpoint, would not agree to that or be positive. Once they arrive at this juncture, there is nothing you can do to convince them if not to move over to the 'on-one-condition' men and hear their opinion... Hahaha!

The 'on-one-condition' men. These set of men are the hustlers. You can also call them the do-or-die men. When asked, 'what if men got pregnant?'. They'll first of all scratch their head and say something like this or related to this: 'for how much?' they only want your money and they are ok with the whole stuffs. They do not want to know about the advantages or disadvantages, just bring it on alongside the money though. The 'on-one-condition' guys are the lazy-money-got-hardworking' guys. They are lazy but once you talk about the money, they can suddenly suffer from workaholism.

Well, that is the much I can say. The 'what if men got pregnant' question is a very big and diverse question that I narrowed the answer to the top answers you would get when you interact with a man on the top. Sadly, the article does not include the ladies opinion on this. On the ladies part, I think some of them would... ohh my! I'm already talking too much, I'd better rest my keyboard before some fine girl grabs me by my balls.

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