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See Why Sergio Ramos Wore A 'Nigerian' Flag To Celebrate Real Madrid's UCL Victory

sergio ramos lifting ucl cup 2017 with andalucia flag tied around his waist
The Real Madrid dying-minute miracle man, Sergio Ramos yesterday night during the UEFA Champions League winning celebration tied a Nigerian-flag replica of the green-white-green color. 
Nigerians took to twitter to express how they felt about it. Some were happy but some weren't taking it! Some of the tweets in quote.

@EddyDove: Touching gesture for @SergioRamos to reveal his Nigerian citizenship and @NGSuperEagles allegiance w/flag during @realmadrid's celebration 

@TraQman: Sergio Ramos celebrated with a Nigerian flag this night no matter what anybody will tell me. It had APC logo on it sef

@davidgrey: Was I the only one that saw Sergio Ramos with a Nigerian flag? 

@Noorer: Sergio Ramos in Nigerian flag, is he joining Eyimba or Kano pillars? 

@Yung07S4: Is Sergio Ramos a Nigerian? Why is that idiot flying our flag?

@st_dammie: Why is Sergio Ramos having the Nigerian flag? We will gladly claim you o! No time

@VillageParrot: It seems Sergio Ramos has a Nigerian girlfriend. What's up with that Nigerian flag?

@NoMediocreNaija: Is that a Nigerian flag Sergio Ramos had draped across his waist? 

Well, I'm so sorry to break your heart Nigerians! The truth of the matter is that the flag Sergio Ramos draped across his waist is an Andalusian flag.

Andalusia or Andalucia is the most populated and the second largest in area of the autonomous communities in Spain from which Sergio Ramos hails. Andalucia is an autonomous community in southern Spain. Its capital is the city of Seville which Sergio Ramos once played for in his early years. 

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