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See Why Facebook Launched A New 'Pride' Reaction And How To Get The 'Pride' Reaction

facebook reaction menu with the pride reaction
On a normal month, facebook only lets us to react with just five emoticons: The Like, The Heart, The  Haha, The Wow, The Sad, and The Angry. But in honor of Pride month, Facebook rolled out a new one: The rainbow.

The social media network announced in a post on Friday:

 "We believe in building a platform that supports all communities. So we’re celebrating love and diversity this Pride by giving you a special reaction."

Facebook said it has a diverse community of users who have identified themselves on the social network as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender or gender non-conforming. It said more than 12 million people around the world are part of one of the 76,000 Facebook Groups in support of the LGBTQ community, and more than 1.5 million people plan to participate in one of the more than 7,500 Pride events on Facebook.

June is traditionally when LGBTQ people across the world celebrate Pride. The rainbow flag takes on a poignant tone this year, though: Gilbert Baker, the activist who created the rainbow flag in 1978 at Harvey Milk's request, died in March 2017. 

Users can add a rainbow Pride frame to their profile picture, and can expect a special animation at the top of their News Feed if they react to a “Happy Pride” message from Facebook.

See peoples reactions to the new 'pride' reaction

a facebook user update on facebook launching the pride reaction

How to get start reacting with rainbows on Facebook

  • 1. Log into Facebook.

  • 2. Like the LGBTQ@Facebook page. Click HERE to Like it. 

  • 3. Eureka! You're now able to react to whatever you want with a rainbow!


  1. Mtcheew! as long as it lasts.. they will soon remove it. I don't know why people are happy.

  2. wow! it worked! Thanks poster!


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