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See The List Of Message Phrases Facebook Will Not Actually Allow You To Send To Your Friends

facebook error message
Facebook has been blocking a whole lot of messages recently on its network. Whether you want to sent a manual message or scheduled a post for future posting.
This post was last modified on Sunday, 16th July, 2017. Well, Did you know that facebook will not allow you to post 'Most beautiful girl in the world' as a comment or a post? Doubt me? Try it now! If this happens to you, know that the phrase contained in the message box are being used by a large number of users, say millions. Remember that facebook is being used by over 500 million people. When a particular phrase is used TOO MUCH on facebook, facebook’s spam/security filters are automatically activated.

The blocks occur on all post types be it a status update, a photo upload or link posts where the content is exactly the same or mostly the same.

Some facebook users knowingly or unknowingly abuse it's communication tools. Annoying others with too many messages or friend requests (though you may not know that you are actually doing that) or deliberately spamming others for commercial gain. These are completely unacceptable on facebook.

These are a few examples of how facebook detects spam.

  • If someone sends the same message to 50 people not on his or her friend list in the span of an hour.

  • If 75 percent of the friend requests a person sends are ignored, it is detected as spam.

  • If you send friend requests to more than 50 people in an hour span. et cetera. 

NB: When you send excessive friend requests, facebook will block you from sending friend request for some days, maybe weeks.

Here is a free example to test. Type "Hello, how are you doing?" without quotes and send to your facebook friend. You will definitely get this message:

Our security systems have detected that a lot of people are posting the same content, which could mean that it's spam. Please try a different post.

See? Facebook is working round the clock to keep us safe!

Solution to these problems:

The only proven solution to these problems is not sending a carbon copy message to everyone one on your list because as you are doing it, another person probably that your friend will do it then another, and another. This will cause the number of messages of the same kind to pile and facebook detecting it as spam. 

Sharing really is caring but unless you create your own images and alter the post messages most times to reflect your unique voice, your posts will be blocked. Facebook’s spam filters are being triggered because thousands of consultants are using the exact phrase and images. Be original!

If you do encounter one of facebooks spam prevention systems, remember that its sole intent is to protect you and maintain facebook's trusted environment.


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