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[Breaking News] JAMB Has Seized Many Previously Released Results And Then Released A Thousand Seized Ones

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First of all, for those that think I may be using this post to drive traffic to my blog. What am I doing with traffic? All I want is to give you genuine updates so that you know that there are many news online and only a few brings you the genuine ones to your doorstep.
You'll at the end know if this is genuine or a hoax.

To me, JAMB is confused. That JAMB head, CEO or whatever deserves to be fired. Previously it was them reducing student JAMB scores and now this. I went to where I would change course for my senior brother to do change of course and institution for him. On reaching there, the guy was crying. I mean the guy registering JAMB because he wrote JAMB and scored 272 but I was shocked when he told me that JAMB released some seized results and seized some previously released ones.

I said to him, "Guy, this is not a laughing matter, if you're trying to prank me, i'll fall for your prank" after saying this, I logged into my JAMB account or profile and checked my result and it was intact. I thanked God and it was now time to check his own.

He told me his own email and password. Some people will now say that he works in a cyber café why didn't he check his own. He had a customer he was attending to registering for all those immigration stuffs. I was overwhelmed when I saw that "You do not have any results yet" that JAMB use to display if you don't have a result yet.

So please, rush now and check your result using any possible means. JAMB I heard released over 58,000 initially seized results but I did not care to read the news in details because I was like 'what concerns me? I have mine already'. 

My advice is to go to any result checking cyber café to re-check your result. You can also use your smart phone.

Is your result still intact? 

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