Federal Govt. To Remove All Pockets From The Police Uniform

nigerian policeman with a gun standing with a police car behind him
This is a strict step towards fighting corruption in Nigeria. The police that position themselves at checkpoints sometimes illegal checkpoints have now turned the road on which they are supposed to be enforcing the law into an office from which they fill their greedy pockets.
During the Muhammadu Buhari campaign, he promised Nigerians 'Change' but we all have seen how the country really got to change. The anomalous change of the situation of the country from bad to worse has left many committing suicide; jumping off bridges, drinking rat poisons and hanging by a rope.

Now, the federal government wants to fight corruption! That literally means that they want to fight themselves, isn't it? But no one except for a suicidal purpose would hurt himself. Believe me, they never wanted to hurt themselves. 

The untold slogan of a political campaign is to tell them what they want to hear! Just like women are in love with what they hear, such is the kind of game politicians are using Nigerians to play... They literally USE and DUMP us.

No place is safe anymore in Nigeria. If drop out of school, you'll become an illiterate but if you attend school and graduate, no job. If you enter the farm, Fulani herdsmen will come and kill you. What about the Northern part of the country? Boko Haram disturbing. Niger Delta, pipeline vandalism. 

A country that exports the highest ton of oil is one of the poorest and most corrupt country in the world, yet we attend church everyday. Nigeria was once better than Ghana but not until Ghanaian citizens disciplined their corrupt politicians. They were called for an important meeting and blah! explosion, all of them passed away and a new government was reborn. I am not saying that it should be done in Nigeria but believe me, there is always an extent at which something becomes saturated. 

The earlier youths rise against this corruption, the better for them. Nowadays, politicians give each person a thousand naira note at the voting poll to get a vote from him. Aah?! One thousand naira is just $3.2 dollars! Can't we just be ashamed of ourselves for just once, once is enough at least for a better Nigeria. 

But its not easy to eradicate corruption, I admit that but then starting to change one thing, JUST one thing from each sector will do just fine. The Nigerian Police, bribery, fraud and corruption to start with is way too much and out of hand. What about removing the pockets of all policemen uniforms that occupy spaces in all checkpoints along the road and reducing the presidential election form or whatever. How can someone spend more than 27 million naira ($85,783) just to buy a form in order to contest for presidential election and you expect him to be Jesus when he gets on that seat? It is NOT possible, even I would behave like them.

I am not a politics loving of person, and I am just saying from my own point of view which I believe is the same as every other persons.

Sorry about the post title of the post anyway, it was the only way of getting you to read this post, and you have seen that this matter is overdue for addressing. Keep on reading Johnkingsblog,  I'll never try it again.



  1. With due respect and honour sir,but sir do you think that removing pocket from police uniform can eradicate curruption in nigeria ?and always police? sir you know in any organisation there is Good once and once, and also what do you thing Govt.surposed to for police in order to avoid curruption? I dn't blame you sir it ur right to express or to vomit what is in ur mind I will be very glad if that can be resolve thank you sir

    1. Thank you for your comment sir. There are many views that inspired this post. But majorly, the thought that they will not have anywhere to put the money whenever a driver Rogers them on the highway. Don't you think about that?

  2. Wads FAQ??! 😂😂😂 Please they did o. Mk pesin fet rest


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