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50 Reasons Why It's Ideal To Be A Lady

cartoon of lady with text 'Why It's Ideal To Be A Lady'
Women are the best creations on earth. Never underestimate the strength of a woman. She has the power to build and the power to destroy... men do not have this one gift.

50 reasons why it's ideal and optimal to be a lady.

Some of your heads may be wondering how I got to know all these. Well, if you got female friends and have a female-ish post in mind, wouldn't you meet them? I actually met eleven of them to help me come up with these. 

  • Ladies do not to need to purchase their own particular beverages at the bar. 

  • Games (sports) information is a reward, not a prerequisite. 

  • Ladies aren't consequently anticipated that they would pay when they go on dates.

  • Ladies can share garments and s*x tips with each other.

  • Mothers love the ladies. 

  • Men hold the car door open for the ladies.

  • Ladies are cuter.

  • Ladies don't have anyone parts that they can't control.

  • Ladies don't need to stress over to what extent they last in bed.

  • Women will end up dozing in the bed when they battle with our second parts - and the guys get to sleep on the couch. 

  • Ladies do not need to stress over losing their hair.

  • Women don't need to continually adjust their privates.

  • Sweat is hot on them.

  • Ladies have better penmanship.

  • Women look preferable in their garments more than the guys. 

  • Women get really noticed when they get hair styles.

  • Ladies are more clean. 

  • Ladies are expected to get married and build a family first.

  • Women make companions effectively.

  • Women do not approach men, men approach them.

  • More songs has been composed for the ladies than men.

  • Women are adaptable.

  • At the point when ladies get pissed, they don't decimate property or hurt individuals... they cry.

  • Ladies have a higher resistance to torment. 

  • Ladies who don't wear undies are viewed as hot and wild, when men do it, it's quite recently disgusting.

  • Ladies have aced civilized eating in public - they don't humiliate their companions or make uproarious substantial commotions openly.

  • Ladies can go a day without showering or shaving and not look or smell appalling.

  • Heels make women significantly sexier. 

  • Women don't have unreasonable measures of body hair.

  • Ladies have cuter laughs.

  • Ladies get the chance to name the children.

  • Ladies don't need to pop the question. 

  • Ladies pick the film - No Chelsea, Arsenal or Real Madrid. 

  • When couple stroll, men stroll in the walkway nearest to the street so that if a car hits, he gets hurt not ladies.

  • The ladies sweat less.

  • Ladies smell better. 

  • At the point when ladies want to make their guys mad, they don't need to squander cash on blossoms or cards.

  • Ladies better at reading and reacting to non-verbal communication.

  • Ladies are more imaginative.

  • Women adapt easier. 

  • The lip nibble - 99% temptation achievement rate.

  • Ladies shop better than men.

  • Women don't need to deceive themselves to awe a man.

  • Men don't understand what ladies 'girl talk' is about.

  • Finding the correct match of trousers changes an awesome a*s into an incredible one.

  • Ladies don't need to drive when on a date.

  • A terrible lady can utilize cosmetics and get another hairdo to wind up plainly respectable.

  • At the point when ladies are short, they're petite, when men are short, they're quite short.

  • Ladies do less time for brutal crimes.

  • Ladies can do practically anything.

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