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10 Footballers Described As 'Shy' By Their Coaches

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Do not mind their physique, some of them are huge but shy. Shyness can either be natural or as a result of an environment that one grew up in. Take a look at these players who has been described as 'shy' by either their senior career coaches or their youth coaches.

  • Antonio Valencia: 

Valencia is an Ecuadorian professional footballer currently playing as a right winger and right-back for Manchester United. He has been at the club since 2009 after he completed a transfer from Wigan Athletic. He captained Manchester United in the 2017 EUROPA League Final. Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson described Valencia as a quiet and shy boy. Considering Valencia's huge physique, one would think that Valencia is bold and confident. He may be confident though in the pitch but outside the pitch, uhuh! count Antonio out.

  • Stephen El Shaarawy:

This Italian hairstyle-loving dude currently playing as a forward for Roma known for his pace and agility and dribbling skills above all is timid.Gian Piero Gasperini, El Shaarawy's youth career coach at Genoa once said, "Stephen is a balon d'or material, quite aggressive, skillful and shy"

  • Neymar Junior:

The 25 year-old Brazilian super star is a kind of person that anyone would love to be with. Currently rocking Barcelona's number 11 jersey is the 'N' (Neymar) in the popular dubbed 'MSN' by Barcelona's attacking duos Messi, Suarez and Neymar. "Neymar has a seemingly different way of handling things, he is quite shy and never missed any dribbling drill", Dorival Junior, Neymar's coach at Santos.

  • N'Golo Kanté:

Seems goodluck has been on N'Golo's track. From Leicester City trophy to Stamford bridge trophy. The 26 year-old Frenchman do not need you to come close to him before knowing the extent to which he can get shy to. "You are just gonna have to observe the way he walks and looks at people, though he has a great workrate and overall team impact,Kanté is very timorous" -Olivier Frapolli Boulogne manager.

  • Oscar dos Santos:

Currently ranking the highest club-paid player following his transfer from Premier League champions Chelsea to Chinese clubShanghai SIPG. Earlier in his career, Oscar was seen as Kaká's prodigy. Roberto Di Matteo on Oscar's performance during one of Chelsea's post match interview said "He's a shy, world-class player".

  • Lionel Messi:

Before the 30 year-old goes ahead to tie the knot with his childhood sweetheart and girlfriend, Antonella Roccuzzo on 30th June, 2017, here's a little thing about the Barcelona playmaker. Despite having his son, Thiago's name and handprints are tattooed on his left calf and his mother's tattooed on his left shoulder, those weren't a guarantee to heal his shyness. Ernesto Vecchio, Messi’s youth coach described Messi using two simple words, 'shy phenomenon'.

  • Mesut Özil:

The 28 year-old German and Arsenal midfielder is not only an introvert but also shy. I mean even without Schalkle's coach mentioning it, the whole thing is written on his face. Özil is well known and worth any hard cash for a transfer fee considering his ability to and improvise as an attacking midfielder and his finesse. Schalkle 04's coach Domenico Tedesco talking aboutÖzil said, "Özil is a shy little boy, one player that you cannot compare his creativity with another"

  • Blaise Matuidi:

The French international though described as a "fierce and strong tackler", did not have the habit of telling us about his outside-the-pitch lifestyle. But thanks to Laurent Blanc who without being merciful, described Matuidi as "not audacious", in the training ground.

  • Dani Alves:

Dani Alves has only lost one Champions League final and that is with Juventus versus Real Madrid in the 2017 UEFA Champions League which ended 1-4 in Real Madrid's favor. Dani Alves has been called 'shy' by former Barcelona teammate, Ivan Rakitic and Luis Enrique confirmed that in a Barcelona interview at Camp nou.

  • James Milner:

Milner is one of the most versatile player the English premier league has ever had. Milner can play comfortably in many different positions such as on the wing , as a defensive midfielder and most recently at left-back. He is also a talented cricketer and long-distance runner which has greatly influenced him positively in his game. Milner is currently playing for Liverpool. Graeme Coulson, Milner's youth coach described him as a player with an outstanding talent, shy and very strong.

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