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Virginity 101: Virginity The Pride Of Womanhood NOT Lack Of Opportunity

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Some people no longer consider this word "virginity". Some people also think that virginity is meant for girl or women alone. Virginity is meant
for everyone both boys and girls. The difference is that girls are more exposed when they lose their virginity.

Can you answer the question what is virginity? Well, the answer is quite simple. Virginity can be defined as the state of being a virgin.

Who is then a virgin? A virgin is actually a person who has never had sex; someone who has not defiled him or herself through sex is known as a virgin. What about people who have not had sex but only masturbates? Are they still virgins?

Many boys and girls are victims of virginity. They no longer consider virginity as something that is serious and private. Many young boys and girls are being deceived by the people they interact with or the people associate with. They take virginity as something useless. Some people will say that there is no need of being a virgin since one cannot be a virgin forever.

They will say even if you are a virgin that one day you will be deflowered either by your husband or by your wife. So keeping of virginity is something of no use at all. Is this really true? The answer is NO. What happens when you lost it and things did not go so well?

One MUST NOT be deflowered until the night of his or wedding.

Also, if you are deflowered when you are not yet married, there are many consequences or effects that come with it. They include::


When one especially a girl is devirginated, whether consciously or unconsciously and she gets pregnant, she faces shame and embarrassment from both peers and the rest of the society. This is because people will see her as an irresponsible person in the society.

You will be ashamed of yourself; your family will be ashamed of you because you have rubbed their faces with dirt. Your friends if good, will stay away from you to avoid you influencing them negatively. Due to the shame of what you have done and for your tummy which has protruded, you will no longer be in the midst of people.

Why? Because people will ask about your husband and you will have no answer to that. Even if you try to lie, someone who knows you will expose you sooner than later. So being devirginated before marriage causes shame and embarrassment.


Disrespect is also a consequence of not being a virgin. When one gets pregnant before getting married, it brings about disrespect. Your younger siblings will no longer have respect for you. They will talk to you anyhow and insult you whenever they feel like.

Why would your siblings insult you when you are deflowered? Your siblings will insult you because your pride as a woman is no longer with you. Vagina is a private part not a public part. It is not something that can be exposed or shown publicly but something you keep secret.

So when someone is devirginated, it brings about disrespect from ones parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, classmates etc. People will look down on you and talk to you anyhow. If you try to talk back to them, they will affront you with the fact that you have lost your virginity. So losing your virginity before marriage brings about disrespect.


Some girls due to what people may either think, say or do try to abort the pregnancy. This abortion is very risky; this is because some people who attempted it did not come out alive. Some people also suffer hell in the hands of quake doctors just to terminate the pregnancy.

Murder is a sin and it has a punishment; the Bible says so and no religion preaches killing as a good thing even the Quran. So, killing an innocent child or children is a sin and the wages of sin is death and after death comes judgment.

Where will you spent your eternal life? Would you like to go to hell for killing an innocent soul? Some people also take hard drugs that are very dangerous to their body just to terminate a pregnancy. Being deflowered brings about abortion.

This is because when you were a virgin, you will never think about abortion or terminating anybody's life but once you get pregnant without getting married, you will look for all possible ways to terminate it. So losing your virginity before marriage causes you to think wrongly and makes you to abort the foetus.


When one loses his virginity, it can lead to premature death. This is because some girls some girls who lose their virginity and get pregnant in the process have not reached the age of giving birth. A fifteen year-old girl is not old enough to give birth to a child due to the pains that follow giving birth but that does not keep her from conceiving, oh! Yes she can conceive.

The girl might die in the process because there is no strength in her. Also, some people die in the process of aborting the pregnancy and move forward to hell. Some people die before giving birth to the child because of anxiety and other factors which have been mentioned previously.


Sexual intercourse is the number one leading means through which sexually transmitted diseases spread. People get infected with diseases like Staphylococcus, Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome etc. (HIV/AIDS) through having sex with an already infected person. When someone who is HIV negative sleeps with a HIV positive person, the person (negative) is already positive automatically and their is no two ways about that.

Also, an Ebola negative person who sleeps with someone who is Ebola positive is bound to be infected. So having sex before marriage can bring about Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD).

Other ways through which HIV/AIDS could be spread includes but is not limited to

  • Breast milk

  • Blood

  • Vaginal fluid

  • Semen

  • Blood transfusion

  • Accidental needle pricks

  • Getting a tattoos or a body piercing with an unsterilized needle

  • Splashing blood in your eyes



Some girls are not enlightened and so, they lack knowledge. Some of them are deceived with sweets and chewing gums, while some are deceived with money, some deceived with sweet words like I love you, I will marry you, you are the best creature I have ever seen, you are precious and lovely, you are beautiful etc. Someone who is literally inclined with all these sweet words can never be deceived. Someone who is illiterate is prone to lose his virginity.


The type of cloth you wear determines two things:

  • The type of person you are
  • The kind of people you associate with

Some dress half unclad with their breast not covered properly and their skirts below their knee length. Girls of nowadays now wear transparent cloths which exposes their nakedness imitating one celebrity or another. Some people wear clothes to attract the opposite sex.

When someone dresses and do not cover what he/she ought to cover, then what is the essence of wearing clothes? Some people after dressing this way are assaulted because of the dress code. So many girls have been raped all because of improper dressing since boys are attracted to them.

So, the type of dress we wear shows the type of beings we are. Some people by the type of clothes they wear say that they are not for sale and that they are cheap. Decide to be a prostitute ie. (a commercial sex worker) so that she can earn a living. When one enters in commercial sex working, the person is devirginated and the vagina which is supposed to be a private part now turns to be a public part and for public use.


  • Types of clothes we wear determines the type of people we are. So we must dress properly.

  • We should not be deceived by material things such as money and sweet words like I love you or by the lust of the flesh.

  • Children should be educated on sex so as to acquire knowledge about it.

  • We must not lose hope in God in everything we do even when we are poor.

  • If you are no more a virgin, you can forget about the past and think about the future, always remember the recycle.

  • No matter how dark or big your sins are, the Lord is willing to forgive you, only repent and turn away from sins.


Always try to be positively different from everyone in everything you do. Even when everyone around you is no longer a virgin, try to be different because virginity is a gift of nature and it is of a great honor to you especially the ladies when they marry because it will be the first foundation of the marriage trust.

Remember, your desire determines your decision.

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