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Kill Spiders, Stop Removing Cobwebs; Time Management: The Soul Of Greatness In Life Career

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You must have heard that it has been said: "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now". I think this is a Chinese proverb translated to Chinese as
what I don't actually know but the good news is that you now know it.

Permit me to tell you something about mans greatest commodity. It's not money, sorry because money if lost can be found but time if lost... can never be recovered. Always remember that opportunity comes around, no matter the area of life you happen to find yourself in, its a GOOD news right? but the BAD news is that it just comes around ONCE.

Time management is what I want to discuss on this article because I have noticed that time which is not supposed to be neglected at all now became the most neglected factor of human well being.

Time plays a central role in the lives of everyone. Its influence in our lives today is more than it was some decades ago. During the stone age for instance, hunters and gatherers needed small fraction of the hours of the day to meet up with the challenges of their existence which were limited to basic needs. With civilization, there are increasing challenges on man to make more efficient use of his time in order to meet up with the challenges of the present time.

Time plays much significant role in the lives of all. This is because as far as we remain mortals, we operate in and within time. To exist and operate outside time is to become something other than a human being. And the extent to which we manage time efficiently is the extent to which we succeed under normal circumstances. It is no news that punctuality is the soul of business.

Hold on... Is time an illusion? Think-Think-Think! You may not be able to give me a quite reasonable answers if I allow you to think from now till the next few hours. It'll be a pleasure for me to breakdown the answer to the question is time an illusion? to you.

  • Plato sees time as an everlasting likeness, moving by number, of eternity that abides in unity. He sees time as the moving image of eternity.

  • Aristotle sees time as "a number of change with respect to before and after". FUNNY!

  • St. Augustine in the fourth century gave time a new approach by seeing it as an illusionary product of our mind.

For saint Augustine, the past and the future do not exist. What happens according to him is that the mind expects the future which becomes the present. When the mind attends to the present, it becomes the past which is the passing moment through which the future passes to become the past.

When we look critically at the views of philosophers about time, it appears as if time is truly an illusion because going further in his views, saint Augustine says that if anybody asks him about time that he knows it, but if he wants to explain to the person who asks, he no longer knows it. However, from experience, we know that time is not an illusion because we feel its impact on our lives everyday. Time marches on irreversibly and uncontrollably and waits for no man. Time is fixed. You cannot create more of it. The implication of this is that time is something to be managed.

What do you think is Time Management?

Time management means making efficient use of time. As simple as any simple thing. To manage time means to spend more time not on what is not necessary but on what things matter the most. That's the reason for my post title "kill spiders, stop removing cobwebs". Time management also means having control over the way you spend your time. It means being in-charge of your time and not allowing time to control and dictate the pace of your action.

It means making time to work for you instead of being your enemy. In his book, Successful Time Management, Patrick Forsyth says that "time management is about working actively to create efficiency and effectiveness in a way that makes achieving your target results more likely"

Do you wish to be an Efficient Time Manager? Then read on.

How can you become an efficient time manager? An important point that will help you to be an efficient time manager is self knowledge. Self knowledge is one of the conditions for success in life. This is because according to Seneca, the most powerful is he who has himself in his own power. When you have yourself in your own power, you will stand to gain one of two things:

  • You will come to know that you are either stronger than you think or that

  • You are weaker than you think you are

Either of them has advantages. When you realize through self knowledge that you are stronger than you think you are, you will be poised to actualize all your potentials in life because you will realize that you have made less use of your capacities.

Also, when you realize through self knowledge that you are weaker than you think you are, you will be internally motivated to mold the peculiarities of your imperfections into the perfections of your peculiarities. In other words, you will be motivated to make sincere effort to be where you initially thought you were.

Self knowledge will enable you to know your prime time. Your prime time is the time when you are most effective. It could be morning, afternoon, evening or night. For instance, among students, there are those who read and understand better in the morning hours. There are others who who read and understand better in the afternoon. Others read and understand better in the evening hours. While a greater others read and understand better at night. If a student does not know himself in this regard, he may be wasting his time reading more in the afternoon when he is a morning-person.

At your prime time, you should put all the less demanding activities like answering calls, responding to mails, reading newspapers etc. The less demanding activities can be done even with ease outside your prime time because they are less demanding. Your prime time is an important time that should not be joked with. The most important things in your schedule should be done with your prime time.

Another important point with regards to time management is priotization of values. To be a successful person, you must realize that there is time and place for everything. So, waste no time. Be always busy with useful actions and cut off unnecessary ones. Your success in life depends on the useful actions you performed at the right time.

Another important point with regard to time management is diligent allocation of your time to different schedules. The time spent for work has always been less than the time spent for other activities. But it is in fact an imbalance of time management, there is no need to make a diligent allocation of your time to different activities you must attend to. Time allocation is the allotment of time to different activities in your schedule of events. It is not the same thing as setting deadlines though it is not unrelated to it.

To allocate time means to apportion the hours you have in a day to different activities taking into view the time-demand of the different activities. Once you allocate at the beginning of the day, the 24hours of the different activities that demand your attention, you will see that you will become mindful of your use of time.

Time management also entails carrying out your tasks at their appropriate time. It is pertinent to realize that you may be knocking in vain at the door of success if you do not carry out your tasks at their appropriate time. This is because life is designed in a way that certain things must be done at certain times; too early or too late will reduce effectiveness. Doing the right thing or taking the right decision at the wrong time can be very damaging as doing the wrong thing or making the wrong decision at the right time or even doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. "The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing"says, Joshua Harris.

To be an efficient time manager, I also recommend that you begin to keep what I refer to as time journal. In this journal, you keep a daily record of how you use your time. When you do this for a week or more, you will be surprised at what you will get. This is important because everything we do in life is done in time. What this means is that if you do not manage your time very well, you will not manage every other thing around you very well. Benjamin Franklin, in his work, The way to Wealth says: "Dost thou love life, then do not squander time, for that's the stuff life is made of". Use your time very well and you will succeed very well in life.

An important aspect of time management that must not be overlooked is having time to rest. So many persons think that taking a time out from work is lazing. It is not true. Even God rested on the seventh day. As human beings, resting from work at intervals is important for the regeneration of lost energy which equips one for better results.

The Effects of Poor Time Management

Wrong management of time has untold consequences on the lives of individuals. It not only makes the life of the person involved hazy but yields other degenerating consequences like poor result, stress and errors.

  • Poor Results: Life is such you only get what you put into it. If you put order into life, you will reap ordered fruits. If you invest in discord, you will reap fruit of discord. Such is the same with time management. If you manage time effectively, you get effective result. But if you manage time poorly, you will get poor result. When you do not time correctly, even with the best strategies, you will inevitably get poor results. This is simply because time is the hub around which everything we do in life revolves.

  • Stress: Proper time management makes it convenient for you to spread all your activities throughout the 24hours of the day. It will help you to do those things you must do and even have more time for other things that are of importance to you. But if you do not know how to manage your time, the tendency is to have a concentration of activities seeking your attention within a very limited time. When you do not know how to manage your time, you will always be struggling to meet up with the so many activities seeking your attention. Those activities seeking your attention as a matter of fact will place much demands on you, and because you have less time to manage them effectively, they will become sources of stress for you.

  • Mistakes/Errors: When you are stressed up, the most visible sign is that you will begin to make mistakes. The reason is because biologically, when one is stressed up, there will be secretion of stress hormones into the blood stream. Some of the stress hormones when secreted in excess can reduce the capacity of the brain to understand and remember. And when you neither understand well nor remember well, mistakes and errors will be unavoidable.

I am tired! But tell me, from the points I have made so far, is it not clear that efficient time management is the soul of greatness in life career? This is because all our actions are done within the bounds of time. In most cases, it marks the difference between successful and unsuccessful persons. To be successful, we MUST learn to manage our time very well because time waits for no man.

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