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@Phynofino Set To Drop New Single This Week Titled "If To Say"

phyno in a room

Phyno did not even want fans to enjoy the beat he killed when featured by Quincy in the club-banger "Jombo" track.

The ubiquitous Indigenous Igbo rapper took to his twitter and  instagram page - handle @phynofino to make this public. The name of the single he will drop this week to be titled #iftosay with a hashtag.

In his post... "NEVER AVERAGE!!! New single drops this week 🔥#iftosay 💎"

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This one is definitely going to be hot. So in anticipation, you can download Phyno "If to say" from any of your favorite music download portals


  1. Go Phyno! So much love you

  2. my Nigerian friend use to play his song really well, althpugh i can't understand him but i love his voice.

    1. Go tell him to download the song. Phyno released it in the early hours of this morning


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