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Can A Decapitated 'Dead' Snake Head Still Bite?

decapitated snake with a stick beside it
This is a question I guess every enthusiastic person asks at some point of his life... 'can dead snakes still bite?' well as an enthusiast, I want to
give a simple straightforward answer to your question.

What is the fear of snakes 🐍 called? Herpetophobia? Correct! This is actually what it is called when its normal like the normal fear of snakes that you and I have but when it is abnormal, it is called Ophidiophobia.

It's either illegal or considered inhumane to kill snakes in some countries but in countries like mine, it's either you kill first or it kills you. It's a no-government-palaver.

Ok. Fast forward to what happens when you kill that snake and sees it's head dancing and twitching. » »

You can call them The Undead Snakes because they are dead both still moving. The most dangerous of the severed parts being the head which you dare not touch.

When a snake head is separated from its body, IT CAN STILL BITE and this reflex action can be seen even up to an hour after the snakes head is decapitated from it's body. Please I did not tell you to severe a snakes head and then wait for an hour to test the head or to check if it still bites!! Of course you can do that but just make sure you are checking the biting reflex with a stick.

From the news of a man from Alabama who was bitten by a copperhead he decapitated and went on to stick his finger into the snakes mouth! He got bitten by the bodiless reptile and was treated at a local the hospital to the one which claimed the life of a Chinese chef who was preparing a cobra soup at a local restaurant and was bitten by the 25-minutes old severed head of one of the snakes he had chopped up for cooking the soup.

Decapitation of a snake is considered an inhumane way of ending the life of the poor reptile which may have inconvenienced you by entering your yard or compound but just bear it in mind that in their time of dying, the venomous reptiles are three times more deadly as when they were whole. It may extract its final revenge against you when any part of your body comes into biting range.

Snakes retain reflexes after death and the bad news is that decapitated snake heads when it bites do not regulate the amount of venom it injects as the bite which it no longer in controls is now may deposit venoms three times the quantity it would have introduced into the bloodstream had it been intentional.

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  1. This kind of stuff happened in my hood last month but the nigger was lucky

    1. Aaah! Not everyone would be that lucky

    2. Aaah! Not everyone would be that lucky

  2. To me snakes are dangerous to humans, they bite unconditionally.


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