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An Open Letter To Nigerian Teachers

An Open Letter To Nigerian

Dear teachers,

It is no longer news that our current leaders have failed us. But we still continue to hold on to that old saying that 'the youth are the leaders of
tomorrow'. When we think of the youth that will become leaders of tomorrow, we do not just think of any Nigerian under the age of 35 roaming about in the streets doing nothing, but we think about those young boys and girls under your tutelage, who are being prepared intellectually and technically to proffer solutions to some of the problems confronting the society today.

I thank you for the great sacrifices you are making and I am also glad to address this letter to you, to remind you of your obligation to train good citizens for this country who will restore our hopes and wipe our tears.

Unfortunately, our educational system in Nigeria is dwindling every day and no one seems to accept responsibility for it. So many factors such as lack of adequate educational facilities and structures, poor funding of schools, laziness on the part of the students and poor dedication to duty on the part of the teachers could be responsible for this decadence. When you teach the youth, do not forget to tell them that education is not just about the acquisition of certificates. It is concerned more with the enlightenment of the mind and the acquisition of skils for survival in our harsh environment.

So, teach them in such a way that they will not be so much troubled about what to do in order to obtain high grades but be more worried about how to gather much information about their chosen fields. It is possible today to pass a subject one knows nothing about through foul means but very difficult to fail a subject one knows something about. Teach them to focus on acquiring knowledge because knowledge is transformational and the secret to acquiring knowledge is hard work.

Today, white collar jobs do not appear to be as lucrative as it used to be. More people lose their white collar jobs daily as a result of the dwindling national economy. But all hope is not lost.

  • Teach them to begin now to think of entrepreneurship as an alternative to white collar jobs. The key to financial freedom in our age is a revolutionary attitude to work.
  • Teach them to think less of seeking employment and think more of creating employment opportunities for themselves and for others.
  • There are a lot of things to be done in this country to yield money but people don't seem to be interested in them just because of their quest for white collar jobs. For example, agriculture is one aspect of business that assures steady income because the need for agricultural products will never decline, rather it will increase.
  • Teach them always to be conscious of the fact that there is dignity in labour irrespective of its nature and like Abraham Lincoln will always tell his son's teacher, that a kobo earned is of more value than a thousand found.
  • Remind them that their affiliations with our various institutions of learning should transform them into better instruments for national development and the society can't wait to benefit from their productivity and industry.

For those at the threshold of the labour market, encourage them not to occupy their thoughts with where to work, rather, with what problem to solve. Let where they will work be the foundation for the problems they will solve. It pains me that each year, graduates in many fields are churned out and most of them remain lukewarm in the labour market while only a few boast of something reasonable.

  • Please teach them to be concerned with proffering solutions to the nation's multifaceted problems rather than capitalize on their expertise in their chosen field to rob the poor and enrich their pockets. At the end, what remains more valuable is one's output into the labour market rather than the output one enjoys from it. Tell them that people will praise them not for how much they earn at work but for how much their ideas and outputs have improved the lives of the masses.

  • Encourage them not to go in search of money and not to lobby for fame and position because those are not what they need. Rather, they have to go for excellence, for a good reputation, and for exceptionally wonderful innovations. Then, money, fame and positions will come begging to be associated with them.

  • Teach them not to quarrel with their colleagues at work over who is better but let their output speak for them.

  • Teach them that each time they engage in an activity, they should always do it better.

  • Do not forget to teach them to employ technology in attaining their goals because that is what our age demands. But warn them to ensure that the technological progress they may spearhead remains at the service of humanity and not vice versa because technology should promote mutual existence and not selfishness.

  • Teach them that when they have the opportunity of rendering a particular service to people, let them not put money first, rather, they should put in their best to retain the customers. Let them make effort to satisfy their customers and they will always come back.

  • Remind them that when you want to sample their credentials, they should not think of their academic grades alone but think more about their original contributions in their chosen fields.

  • Let them know that our society does not need 1st Class graduates without creativity and productivity. Instead, they need 1st class revolutionary thinkers who will change the hitherto stagnant status quo.

There are also many problems to be solved and let their dreams in the labour market be to give birth to new solutions to our old and persistent problems. As I wait with joyful hope for the realization of these dreams, I wish you well in your endeavors. I remain,

Yours affectionately,



  1. what a letter, really intresting to read.

  2. Please talk to them for me


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