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If You Do Not Practice These Steady, You Do Not Keep A Personal Hygiene

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Personal hygiene referred to those healthy practices by an individual which protect the body and present psychological and physical derangement. It is centered on cleanliness. A clean body, they say begets clean mind. As an individual grows from childhood to youthful age, there is a great deal of physiological changes, including changes in level of activity and responsibility.
This places more demand and attention on importance of maintaining good personal hygiene.

In the head and neck region, there is a progressive transition to denser hair growth, increase in sebaceous (oil producing) glands in the face, some other apocrine glands that secrete lots of oil in the face and ear canal. This demands that there should be regular and proper cleaning of hair of the scalp. This helps to prevent colonization of the scalp by fungi and pests which can result in dandruff and associated body odor emanating from shedding off lacks of skin.

Guided and informed use of medically recommended cotton buds helps to keep the ear canal free from excess wax which can cause variable degrees of hearing impairment and fungal ear infection. This wax also tends to increase in amount among adolescents.

The axilla is the part of the body referred to as armpit, between the lateral chest wall and the inner aspect of the arm. It contains numerous glands and hair follicles.

In children, it has little or no apocrine glands, however, the youth are endowed with abundance of these glands. Their secretions, can be decomposed by normal flora on the body with resultant body odor and frequent boils in that area. This can greatly destroy body image and may be a cause of several broken relationship and psychological derangement.

It is recommended that the hair in the armpit should be regularly shaved and the area washed during bathing to prevent the decomposing action of these offending organisms.

The use of perfume in place of this simple healthy process does not solve the problem. Much as the armpit, is the pubic hair and genital areas. The pubic hair grows and developed associated glands which produce secretions under stimulation of stress and reproductive hormones. This can produce the same effect as glands in the armpit. It can result in easy transmission of diseases, s*xual disharmony among couples. 

Females in their youthful age also have a mandatory cause to experience monthly menstruation. This places a compelling need for regular care of the perineum as a part of the individuals' personal hygiene. 

Blood is a potential and rich medium for growth of bacteria and other infective agents. In addition to the body odor which could develop, there are greater chances of ascending infection, into the reproductive tract and urinary tracts in the female. 

It is recommended that female of reproductive age should have this basic knowledge, and pay greater attention to personal hygiene as this could be source of infection that can permanently affect the reproductive tract. 

Therefore, washing of the area is advisable during bathing at least twice daily, again before and after s*xual intercourse. For the females, it is recommended that after using the toilet, they should clean from front to back so as to prevent introducing germs into the vulnerable open reproductive and urinary tracts. 

Males also ejaculate sometimes in their sleep (wet dreams). The semen is protein rich and is also a medium to bacteria growth; this should be cleaned properly with good detergents to decontaminate the area and prevent the odor which could arise. 
The regular washing and change of underwear is a component of this dedicated personal hygiene.

 Oral and dental hygiene is very important aspect of personal hygiene. The oral cavity has at least 10 organisms/bacteria president in it. The mouth also forms the only normal pathway for feeding. These organisms also thrive when food particles are left in place in between the teeth and the tongue. 

The resultant effects in the mouth are odor, dental carries and recurrent ear and throat infections. The major culprit is excess consumption of sugar containing foods, worse when taken as last meal in the night without brushing of the teeth. Dental carries also have risk of causing intermittent entrance of bacteria into the circulation, one of the predisposing condition to cardiac diseases. It is therefore important that adequate care of the oral cavity is maintained.

Other measures of personal hygiene include hand and feet washing. These break the transmission of diseases. The youth forms the greater work force of the nation. Poor personal hygiene from the discussion above can wreak havoc on this group of people and invariably the nation. 

Embrace good personal hygiene. It may be the change that most of the youth really need.

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