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14 Words Of Advice That Will Make You Successful Like Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

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Let me tell you a secret to making it in life that no one has ever told you before.


I should hurry and break that secret down, shouldn't I? Oh! Yes! I really think I should. Hurry to your Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary. With me here is the 8th edition, you may have the later or the latest edition but of all the words in the dictionary that may change, the definition of Niche will not. You do not need to bother if there is no dictionary close because I'll give you the definition here from mine.

Ok, let me take its first, second and fourth definitions only:

  • (noun) a comfortable or suitable role, job, way of life, etc. : He eventually found his niche in sports journalism.

  • (business) an opportunity to sell a particular product to a particular group of people: They sported a niche with no serious competition. I will explain why I underlined no serious competition later.

  • (biology) the conditions of its environment within which a particular type of living thing can live successfully.

Let me sum up the whole three definitions that I gave above into one-meaning word: Find a place or something to do which has no serious competition in order to live successfully. Did I make sense? I don't know if I did but let me give you another example using a meat restaurant as an example.

Say you have a meat restaurant in a street that is full of meat restaurants. Let us name the street "Meat Villa".There is bound to be competition in meat villa, right? Because everyone will like to get more customers than the other. Now, everyone in meat villa sells one plate of meat for $2 and one satchet water for $1. So let us create a niche to get more customers by selling one plate of meat for $2, one satchet water for $1 and giving out a free toothpick. Let's take it to be as of the early years when there was no toothpicks and we manufactured them and used it to serve our customers in the restaurant. Are we not gaining from two things? We have two selling points now:

  • We now have a toothpick factory

  • Plus more customers in our restaurant

Yes! The whole concept is to think of something new that someone has not done before.


But that's by the way, I just hope you understood the message I tried passing to you.

There is nothing found in life to be more motivating or encouraging than being positively minded.

Remember the five simple rules to be happy:

  • Free your heart from hatred.

  • Free your mind from worries.

  • Live simply.

  • Give more.

  • Expect less.

Let me use Nigerian parents as an example. Nigerian parents would always want their children to study a course they (the parents) want the child to study. This kind of thing is not only seen in Nigeria but also in all countries of the world.

What am I trying to say? If you want to go somewhere you like but no one else wants to go, go by yourself. You'll meet people with similar interests as you.

That maybe it has been really hard for over decades or centuries for people to progress in the aspect of life that you choose as your work or interest does not mean that you are not going to make it, does it?

Quickly take a look at these 14 best words of advice ever!

  • There is a saying that "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear", so if you make up your mind to discover your talent, the Lord will help you. Don't ask yourself "Am I ready?" But say to yourself "I am ready" this quote belongs to me, hahahaha.

  • Talent is important in our everyday life.

  • Your talent is your password.

  • You need your talent 'Log in' in life.

  • 'Sign in' means the actualization of your talent.

  • You don't need to break the World Bank before you become somebody in life ot break the Central Bank before you actualize your talent. It will only take a little thing and you will not go into kidnapping, smuggling, and drug trafficking before you actualize it. Remember:IF YOU CANNOT THINK OF SOMETHING NEW, ADD TASTE TO THE OLD ONE.

  • Thomas Dane says "One must go back to nature for information", you can see that talent is nature, so go back to it and seek information of your greatness.

  • Dele Ashamade says "if there is no verb in a sentence, the sentence is meaningless, senseless and useless, then same thing with human being. Any life without talent is meaningless, senseless and useless. So is your life meaningless?

  • If you do not control life, life will control you (poverty will befall you) that will happen when you do not actualize your talent.

  • Do not allow superciliousness to take away your talent from you.

  • If you discover your talent, you have discovered the pin code to your greatness. Don't be confused; rather be convinced with your talent.

  • If you actualize your talent, agitation will run away.

  • Don't look down on your talent rather see it as a precious gold. Don't see it as inferior. Satanic wind will not blow away your talent, say a loud AMEN to that!!

  • If you do not create something new, money will not come down from heaven. So remember that IF YOU CANNOT THINK SOMETHING NEW, ADD TASTE TO THE OLD ONE.
text 'if you cannot think of something new, add taste to the old one'

The above may not be the best words of ever as I earlier implied but instead of searching google for nice words to use on a girl to woo her or how to make a girl to fall in love with me at first sight, woa! First sight? Let me tell you, first sight things do NOT work, first sight things are fake, all of'em. Just browse, search for things that will add more value to your life and make you a better person.


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  2. if you can't think of something new add taste to the old one. really inspired me.

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