The Person You Will Be In The Future Is Based On Everything You Do Today.

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"Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears. I have come to bury Caesar not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them..." These words of Shakespeare's Mac Anthony among the greatest speeches ever made by public orator, make me the biggest fan of William Shakespeare, a world acclaimed writer of all times.

I read the lines of that great speech every so often and marvel at the intelligence of the composer.

Reading maketh a man, they say Read yourself full and write yourself dry, another says, I sometimes wonder how the planet earth would have fared without reading and readers. Reading sharpens our senses, Reading widens our horizon, Reading takes us closer to academic giants of the world; Reading provides the greatest mode of expression open to man.
Everybody, young and old is encouraged to read and read and read and never stop reading or they may grow rusty. Amen!

However, today, reading and readers seem to have been overtaken by modern technology, sciences and the internet. But the truth is, no internet can equal reading because while the former can be developed, the latter is acquired.

The reason one reads is to learn and learning can conveniently take place anywhere: in a class, in the bedroom, in a bar, in a vehicle, in the market and even in a small house (toilet). The quest to learn should be a driving force in every individual, school or organization.

"Life is fun, enjoy it while learning". To juxtapose life and learning would be asking if the color of a whiteboard is white. The two feed on each other: Learning and life. It is my belief that learning can be enjoyed in the past, learning was strenuous, boring and exerting. In the modern times however, learning has become more easy-going, more interesting and less-exerting.
Aspects of modern learning include drama, dancing, excursion, debating, conference, traveling and the like. It is therefore easier to get a learner interested in learning through any of the above mentioned exercises.

Once there is life, the saga says, there is hope. Once I came across a poem on Life whose pieces I can still faintly recall:

  • Life is a gift - value it
  • Life is a journey - undertake it
  • Life is a challenge - face it
  • Life is a mystery - unravel it
  • Life is a drama - unfold it
  • Life is a struggle - accept it
As a resume, life can be linked to the elephant visited by six blind men. Each man explained it from his own personal perspective because they could only feel it. Ours is aa country beguiled by tragic tales of corruption and irresponsibility.

Our political leaders are intoto nonchalant to education and learning as tools for national development.

Teachers abandon their job in pursuit of material things of life. Parents who know the true worth of education pay heavily to have their children learn properly. In fact, things are falling more and more apart and the catastrophe is that nobody seems to care.

The question is, shall we all fold our arms and watch helplessly while our system go down the drain?

Congratulations, you are one of the lucky few that successfully read this post to this very point. Forget about making the physical money which the post title seemed to have been suggesting to you of how to get and be glad you became rich psychologically.

When last did you study? When last did you read? Remember that the two are two different things.

I will advice you to learn this secret to life, try as much as possible to learn at least ONE new thing a day and I promise you, the sky will be your starting point.

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