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MUST READ: It's Either Marijuana Or Your Health

Marijuana, is a killer grass. I shot the video of this dude dancing to Timaya's song. Initially I thought it was just for the rhythm and bass of the song but my friend later told me that he is mentally unstable because of the way he smoked weed when he was little. Please, if you know anyone who is addicted to marijuana just know that he needs a counselor.

Marijuana or Cannabis has been dubbed many names by different kinds of people all over the world. It is used recreationally or for medical purposes.

Though smoking it might be legal in some countries, there are countries where they are NOT. The way people abuse this grass is quite alarming because you will see someone going ahead to smoke up to "3 or 4 wraps" of it and definitely starts to laugh! I don't know the real reason behind the laughter of people who smokes cannabis though.

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Some administer it into their body system by smoking, putting it in the food they want to eat, by vaporization or as an extract. It's seriously not man's best friend because that moment you get "high"you have already lost your sense of judgment and reasoning. You will just be thinking that everything you are doing is right or that thought in your head that tells you "I know what I am doing" brother, you DON'T know what you are doing!

Your body reacts to administration of this drug by: reddening of the eyes, a dry mouth, relaxation of your muscles, increased heart rate or a feeling of either being cold when the weather is hot and vice versa. The worst part is that relaxation of the muscles part of it because you will be very slow to respond to external stimulus. Let's say something is coming to hit your face, which is something you must have dodged normally but due to that effect, you cannot respond quickly, thus being hit.

Recreationally, cannabis is taken to get high, increase libido. In high doses, cannabis can cause hallucinations and illusions, decrease in short term memory and the rest of it. Sometimes, increased appetite and increase in the consumption of food.

Cannabis reduces the quality of someone's life. A typical example is the guy in the video above. Sincerely speaking, he behaves normal, goes to work and you will even see him communicating with people. It's only by his words that you will notice that he is psychologically impaired.

Cannabis can be used to reduce nausea and vomiting. That is talking about it's medical uses. To increase appetite of some patients who have lost it (anorexia) and either to reduce or treat muscle spasms, Cancer, Crohn's disease and Glaucoma.

Chronic users of cannabis develop what is called a dependence syndrome let me say it's that extent at which the cannabis user cannot DO without taking it in one day.Impaired attention and memory too.

My Advice

The bitter truth is that once you are addicted, you will find it very hard to withdraw IF you will ever withdraw but with the help of a counselor and some friends who are willing to help you out, it'll be possible to an extent though.

You can talk to someone about how you feel and tell them that you want to stop it, they will definitely help, remember that you were not smoking marijuana when you were younger, think of how those days used to be and let it be a drive or motivation towards you stopping it.

Take full control of your body, when the urge comes, distract yourself by putting someone on call or just going out to meet people. Do not for any reason remain in that same place you first felt the urge, change your position!

A problem shared is half solved, share it with the head of your church or mosque depending on the one you attend. They can be your spiritual doctors too.

Stay Bold! Stay Safe! Cut off those bad friends!

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