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Exposed: @iRuntown Is Afraid To Meet Ladies. Is He Gay?

Runtown performing on stage with a with jeans and trouser

Better known as Runtown with the birth name Douglas Jack Agu. In the last few weeks precisely in November 2016 released a Del'B produced club vibrator "Mad Over You" the song seems to be getting more airplay in the early months of 2017.
Music we know can be used as a medium to express how one feels or thinks. In the lyrics of the song, in the bridge precisely, Runtown seemed to be afraid to meet a busty girl he must have seen in the club and telling his Gs to call the girl. 

Take a look at the bridge

Baby girl I say
I say your body na killer oh
I fit to die on your body, only on your body
That girl for the corner
Tell somebody make them call am o
Way she dey whine am I see fire for her body o
And if she follow me go na enjoyment go kill am o 

I'm just saying anyways from my own point of view after reviewing the song. No doubt the song is a hit and still my favorite. 

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