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Be Wise! That Pastor Might Just Be Your Best Enemy

pastor living a lavishing life with his body guards infront of his cars and mansion
This mansion belongs to a man of God, can you believe that? Should pastors be this worldly?
If you are among those that still believe that you have to give your hard earned money to
a man whose job is to man a church, my friend come you need to have sense.

If you take a look at the pictures below, that man is a man of God. He quantifies God's blessings on him on how many luxurious cars he has, on how many donations he receives.

pastor living a lavishing life with his body guards

Fast forward to his congregation whom has brain washed to quantify the amount of blessings he receives to how much he gives his pastor, that borrows to give just to get the supposed blessing, that attends prayer and church meetings on a Monday morning when others are out there trying to make money, my brother forget it, you will die poor!

The earlier you understand that To work is to Pray, the better for you. The faster you realize that alms giving is better than sowing seed, the wiser you become. The faster you ask your pastor to get a job and stop depending on the congregation to drive big cars the better Nigeria will be.

Back to the pastors that live in affluence to the detriment of church members that you don't even care to encourage, pastors that cannot even give loan to it's church members yet owes private
jet, your day of reckoning is coming!

Meanwhile, this people should start paying tax. It's an untapped natural resource the federal government should look into as a means to save us
from the current economic recession.

Imagine if all these churches pay tax, I am sure
the economy of Nigeria will be better.

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