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7 Killer Reading Habits To Kill

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Success they say is NOT cheap. Many students want success without much labor. They admire the successful adults in the society and wish to be like them, yet they wouldn't want to follow the examples of these successful adults. Rather they cheat during examinations. Little do they know that if they put the same energy and effort they wasted on examination malpractice into their readings, they would have excelled.

Though success is not cheap but it is achievable. It is achievable if we can take care of the monsters that destroy the reading habit.

The killer reading habits you ought to kill:


We live in a society that is bedeviled by internet. Long before now, students were limited to playing football and some other games with little or no access to the Internet. Today many students spend 70% of their time on the net. They like Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram and the rest in addition to television and GSM phones. With the advent of android phone, students now have unlimited access to many applications in play store on google at a little or no cost.

Though there are many educational materials at the play store but most often, the commonly used ones are those that have nothing to do with academics. To have academic success, one must reduce the amount of time spent on Internet and give more attention to reading of books, leave Facebook and other social networks alone as much as necessary.


Having a timetable is one thing and having a workable timetable is another thing. You should be the master of your timetable, making it to work. Carefully list your subjects and properly fix them in. When a timetable is congested, you will be discouraged to implement it.


Poor time management is another killer of reading habits. Many students spend their active time on irrelevant things only to begin struggling, reading later. Time must be spent on things that are relevant to us. Use your time productively because your time is your life.


"Show me your friend and I will tell you the kind of person you are" Is a wise saying. In our school days, there are those students referred to as "No future ambition" (NFA). They come to school only to play, fight, break school rules and play truancy. Moving with this set of people will certainly jeopardize your career. While bad company ruins, good company builds up. Carefully choose good friends and make sure that those bad ones who may destroy your future are avoided like the Ebola virus.


It is said that procrastination is the thief of time. Do you write notes when you are supposed to or do you leave it for a "more convenient time?" Leaving work undone now leaves you with much to do later. Students who procrastinate are the lazy ones who gives excuses or reasons why a work cannot be done at a given time. Hard work doesn't kill but laziness does.


This is another killer of reading habit. Many have failed a particular subject just because they hated the subject teacher. If you hate a teacher, it will certainly be difficult for you to read the subject handled by the teacher. You will also transfer your hatred to that subject.


The worst that can happen to one is to give up on oneself. I have heard students saying "I don't know that subject" thereby limiting themselves unknowingly to them. Low self esteem kills interest, boldness and potentials in you. Never look down on yourself if you want to achieve greatness through reading.

If you deal with these killers of reading habit, you will boldly say that the sky is your starting point.

Work towards eliminating any of these killers of reading habit in your life.

"The only thing to do with a good advice is to pass it on. It's never any good to oneself - Oscar Wilde"

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