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[18+] Explicit Video and Photos Female Teacher Sends to Underage Students; Threatening to Fail Them if They Don’t F•ck Her

Raunchy video and photos of the high school teacher who threatened to make her students fail if they don’t sleep with her has emerged.

Chinese Man Proposes To Girlfriend With 25 Brand New iPhone Xs [Photos]

A man has stunned his girlfriend and onlookers after he staged a grand marriage proposal to her with 25 brand new iPhone Xs.

The Official Match Ball for The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Has an NFC Chip, Consumers Can Interact With The Ball Using a Smartphone!

The Official Match Ball for The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia
Did you know?  The official match ball ⚽ for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia has an NFC embedded chip, which enables consumers to interact with the ball using a smartphone.

See a 14-year-old 'Human Owl' Who Can Twist His Head 180 Degrees To His Back

A talented Pakistani teenager has left many people in awe after showcasing an incredible ability to twist his head 180 degrees.

DON'T Laugh; Rare Disorder Makes Man Hear National Anthem Playing In His Head

In what will come across as a really weird development, a man has been found out to have a rare condition that makes him hear the national anthem playing in his head.

21-year-old Drunk Man R*pes 100-year-old Woman to Death

21-year-old Drunk Man R*pes 100-year-old Woman to Death | Weird news in Nigeria.
A 100-year-old woman has died after being defiled by a drunk man in northern India, police said on Tuesday.

South-African Man Accepts a G-Wagon Apology From Nigerian Who Impregnated His Wife

After he learnt that his girlfriend was pregnant for him, a Nigerian man identified as John reportedly bought his South African girlfriend’s husband a G-Wagon to apologize.

This Man Spent 3 Years Living On Top Of a Coconut Tree

A man shocked the world with his weird decision to leave the comfort of his home and live on top a really tall coconut tree for three long years.

Photos From The Burial of a Man Buried in a Huge Fish Coffin and Why

A man has been buried inside a very unusual kind of coffin in Akwa Ibom State promting a lot of stir in the area.

Animal Brothel in Serbia Where Zoophiles Go To Have S•x With Dogs,Goats, Cows and Pigs [Video]

A dog wearing a fish net
A sick report has revealed the growing business of animal brothels in Serbia with people travel all the way from Germany, Holland, Sweden and Great Britain into the country to have sex with animals which include, cows, goats, dogs, pigs, and donkeys.