Girl, 2, Falls More Than 100 Times a Day 'A Disorder that Affects one-in-one-million People'

Little Kate Gulo, of Rosemont, Ill., has been diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder that leaves her with balance and coordination difficulties.

Samsung Galaxy Falls 1,000 Feet From an Airplane 'It Wasn't Cracked or Anything'

A Samsung Galaxy cell phone did not stop recording as it plummeted 1,000 feet from an airplane after getting sucked out of its owner's hand.

Watch Doctors remove Live Gecko From a Man's Ear Canal —You may Want to Cover your Ears Next Time Before Sleeping

A man who woke up with severe pain in his ear went to a hospital, where doctors removed a live gecko that crawled inside.

Crippled Man Rapes Teen Inside a Park

An autistic teenager was sexually assaulted inside a Brooklyn park, police said Friday.

Mom Arrested for Buying 12 Bags Of Cocaine For Daughter on Her 18th Birthday

Every parent’s dream is to see their child turn the big 18. Some parents even make exceptions and bend the law a little. A little beer here or there.

Mom Sexually Abuses Her Children, Films it & Sells the Videos over the Net

A mother in New River, Arizona is behind bars for molesting members of her family, filming the assault and selling it over the internet.

Fifteen Boys Contracts Rabies After Gang Raping a Donkey

Fifteen teenagers in a rural Moroccan town have been treated for rabies after defiling an infected local donkey.

Fright as Little Girl's Dead Dad's Ghost Saved Her Life [Frightening Video]

A little girl’s life was apparently saved by a ghost of her dead father moving at inhuman speed as she wandered into oncoming traffic.

Man Spotted In Suits Busy Hawking Ground Nuts — Hilarious Photos

According to a Facebook user; Billie Donsmoky he met a man fully dressed in suits hawking boiled ground nuts.

7 Ways Slay Queens Have Been Dying Since 2017

3 slay queens
What does a slay queen mean to you? She is in a nut shell that lady who seeks attention on social media.